Week 5 of a six-week series called Language of the Spirit. This week, we continue to explore the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity or Triune God. We dive back into the Book of Acts to see what the Holy Spirit is up to this time. As Paul and Timothy and Silas begin traveling again, this time to bring the Council of Jerusalem’s decision about circumcision and other, for the lack of a better word, requirements to be a follower of Jesus, the Holy Spirit prevents them for the time being, from traveling to where they thought they should go. Instead, the Holy Spirit says, “Go, There!” And it is in this new direction that Paul and Timothy and Silas meet the physician Luke and people like Lydia, Jason, Aquila and Priscilla and others who then go on to partner in the ministry of Jesus and share the Good News of his love and grace. What does this story tell us about the work and the character of the Holy Spirit? And who exactly are Lydia and Timothy? What do they teach us about the Holy Spirit’s interventions into the ministry of Paul and our ministry today as followers of Jesus?

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