Second week of a six-week series Created, Chosen, Called. In today’s episode we skip ahead to the story of Jacob. Jacob is the grandson of Abraham and Sarah, and the son of Isaac and Rebekah. He is a twin to his brother Esau. There are a lot of complexities and dysfunctions in this family. And yet, God still blesses them. In fact, Jacob’s twelves sons and their descendants become known as the 12 Tribes of Israel. In this story we move from God blessing a particular individual, to blessing a particular family, to blessing a nation. Jacob’s story encompasses nine chapters beginning at chapter 25:19 and going through chapter 36:43. Then Genesis turns to the story of Joseph, one of Jacob’s youngest sons. Yes, it is that Joseph who had a coat of many colors and ends up in Egypt, sold by his brothers into slavery. Jacob eventually dies in chapter 49. What does Jacob’s story teach us about the character of God? What does Jacob teach us about how God choses and calls imperfect people? How does God call you?

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