Third week of a six-week series called Created, Chosen and Called. In today’s episode we skip ahead to the story of Moses. It is the beginning of the story of Israel as the people of God. We have now moved into the second book of the Pentateuch or Torah, the first five books of the Hebrew Bible or what Christians call the Old Testament. Here the people of God move from individuals to families to a nation, a gathered people. These stories are about their journey and how God continued to bless them even in their imperfection and dwelled with them. We are again reminded of God’s faithful presence and God’s desire to be home with God’s people. Through Moses, we see that God takes the initiative to alleviate suffering but does not do the work alone. And we hear how Moses challenges God’s calling of him, but how God continues to be persistent. How does God work through you to alleviate the suffering of the world? How does God call you even when you object and say “no”?

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