Week 4 of a six-week series called Created, Chosen, Called. In today’s episode we wander in the wilderness with the gathered people of God. Following the Hebrews fleeing from Egypt and the Pharoah, led by Moses and Aaron, they wander in the wilderness for forty years. But the freedom from oppression wasn’t everything that the people expected it to be. There were times of hardship. The people remembered their time of oppression with nostalgia because what they were currently going through was also difficult and a challenge. It was a time of uncertainty and of not knowing where they were headed. But God continued to walk with them and provide for them. The last 20 months feels like we, too, are wandering in the wilderness. We look back and remember with nostalgia 2019 and the years prior. We remember what the Church itself looked like when we were younger as well. How do we move forward instead of looking backwards? How do we trust in God’s faithfulness and provision? How do we live a life of gratitude and trust?

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